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Are Japan Guided Tours Worth It?

Yes, guided tours in Japan are worth every penny. If you want to avoid hassle while traveling in Japan, we highly recommend getting a guided tour. Joining guided tours in Japan gives you more benefits. Here’s why you should get a tour guide:

1. You are safe.

Private tour guides know the ins and outs of a place and how the local system operates. They know where to bring you and where not to. You don’t need to worry about getting lost. You don’t need to worry about getting ripped off because these guides are trained to protect you.

In addition, the language barrier is a major problem among international tourists. Joining private guided tours in Japan makes your experience easier as these guides can speak English. Therefore, they can help you communicate in a language that both you and your guide can understand.

2. You get a more convenient experience.

No more itinerary to worry about. No more worries about where to go and which way to take. Getting a guided tour makes your trip to Japan more comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

Hiring guided tours also means you are safe and comfortable throughout the experience, as these tour guides are trained to go out of their way to give you only the best experience while in Japan. If you are looking for tip-based guided tours, be sure to check out Tokyo Localized’s Free Walking Tours.

3. You get the most out of your trip.

Local tour guides know the history and relevance of places. You don’t need to research anything. You don’t need to worry about missing a must-visit tourist spot or where to eat best because your guide knows exactly where to bring you. At the end of your tour, you get a more enriched experience.

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