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Tokyo Localized Free Walking Tours in Tokyo: Shinjuku Night Walking Tour

Tokyo Localized Shinjuku Night Free Walking Tour

What makes Tokyo Localized Free Walking Tours stand out from the other free walking tours is that we have the Shinjuku Night Free Walking Tour. This walking tour is not like a normal walking tour taking about history or tourist sites, this walking tour is all about “Night Life” in Tokyo, Japan. Travelers can learn what is going on behind the neon lights of Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, one of the biggest night life area in Tokyo & Japan.

The Tour will start from the story of the busiest station in the world.

When you heading to the meeting place, you will find that you’re overwhelm that how crowded Shinjuku is. There are 6 entrances for JR Shinjuku Station, and the tours starts from one of the entrance. This is also the entrance for the biggest night life & shopping area in Tokyo, and the tour guide will start talking the story; Why Shinjuku is busy, and why people are gathering at this area?

Start walking to see about the drinking culture in Japan.

How is the drinking culture in Japan? Is just drinking Japanese Sake? How people socialized at the bar? What you can eat at Izakaya? Tour guide will start to tell the story of Japanese drinking culture & night life walking through the most famous meeting place in Tokyo, and the drinking alley, Omoide-Yokocho. You can start to feel the vibes of the city preparing for heading to night, and get ready to head into the biggest night life area in Tokyo.

The scene behind the neon lights at Kabuki-cho.

Kabuki-cho is the biggest night life area in Tokyo, and one of the famous Red-Light District in Japan. You will be overwhelmed by the neon lights and the crowd of the people. But the tour is not only showing the area, but also telling the story of the scene behind the neon lights of Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku.

After the neon lights.

During the way to the last destination, Golden-Gai, you are now the expert of the night life in Tokyo. But the story of the night life is not the end until you hear the story of Golden-Gai. Why this small district is packed with small bars? Why this place is different from the other drinking district? You will never know and imagine until your guide will tell about the story.


Tokyo Localized provides visitors and travellers to Tokyo with a unique perspective of this great city, what makes us unique is that our tour guides live and work in Tokyo, have a passion for this city and love meeting and welcoming new faces. Find out more about our Unique Day and Night Tours of Tokyo - we can't wait to meet you!


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