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Taking a Trip to Tokyo with the Kids: Top 3 Fun Things to Do

Things to do for children in Tokyo
Photo: Kids viewing Tokyo city | Image Courtesy of Yoshikazu TAKADA | Flickr

Japan, along with other developed countries is currently facing an aging society.

This major issue could give tourists an impression that the country is not child-friendly. However, if you look closely, Japan might be one of best countries where you should bring your kids for a holiday. More than the variety of things to do ranging from traditional to modern activities, Japan offers parents with kids a very important aspect in travelling --- peace of mind.

Tokyo, the city center of Japan is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world.

Tokyo also houses a very complicated yet efficient public transportation system. In Tokyo, you get to have the best of two worlds --- a peaceful and traditional ambience brought by the gardens and temples in contrast of a fast and hectic pace brought by the business center’s activities.

Safety, convenience and fun are the best combination you can ask for a trip! Now it’s time to plan your day tours in Tokyo with your kids! Below are the three fun things to do when travelling to Tokyo:

Things to do for children in Tokyo
Photo: Ghibli Museum Guidebook | Image Courtesy of Amal FM | Flickr

1. Visit historical and modern museums to get a glimpse of Japan’s culture and future

Bringing your kids to new countries provides different kind of learning experience for them. It is an opportunity to immerse in a new culture while having fun. With the goal of fun learning, visiting Tokyo’s museums should be part of your itinerary. With Japan’s technology advancement infused in their tourists’ attractions, your kids will not be bored learning about Japan’s past and future.

There are many museums you can visit depending on your kids’ preference. There are the usual historical museums like Tokyo-Edo Museum and Fukagawa-Edo museum which bring you back to the celebrated past of Tokyo.

If your kids are more of outdoor type, you can visit the National Museum of Nature Science park where a large dinosaur display will welcome them. Another interactive museum where kids would enjoy playing is Miraikan Museum. There are also character-based museums like the famous Ghibli Museum. But be warned that tickets are being sold months advance and run out fast. So better watch out for the ticket selling dates to visit Miyazaki’s world.

Things to do for children in Tokyo
Photo: Playing bubbles outdoor | Image Courtesy of ajari | Flickr

2. Enjoy outdoor activities at the well-maintained and kids-friendly parks

Kids like to run freely and play non-stop. The best place to do this is at outdoor parks. Tokyo despite being a metropolitan city manages to keep many parks where locals can relax and enjoy.

The largest park in Tokyo which is the best spot for hanami during spring is Ueno Park. You can also find museums and zoo in this park. Another bonding time with your kids would be paddling a boat together in a pond which you can do at Inokashira Park. Some kids enjoy seeing large things may it be a statue or a mascot.

Roam around and hang out with the dinosaurs at “Monster Park” or Kodomo no Mori Park. If you are trying to get your kids physically active, head on to Heiwanomori Park where they can choose over 40 obstacles such as climbing nets, trekking swinging bridges and flying via ziplines. Tokyo, indeed is a place where kids will find various interesting things to do.

Even during rainy days in Tokyo, you and your kids can have fun at Tokyo Dome. It offers wide variety of activities for kids from sports activities up to indoor playgyms. Your kids will have a blast at ASOBono where they can spend the whole day playing in its 5 areas – ocean, town, station, forest and hi-hi garden. They can also engage in more physical activities like bowling, roller skating and baseball. If you want a more intellectually stimulating activity, bring them to TeNQ Space Museum. Tokyo Dome also has plenty of restaurants and food a court so it got your one whole day in Tokyo covered!

Things to do for children in Tokyo
Photo: Kids wearing yukata | Image Courtesy of AC De Leon | Unsplash

3. Experience uniquely Japan activities

While those activities are interesting and fun, there are uniquely Japan experiences that you and your kids should not miss while you are in Tokyo! Below are some of the activities you should include in your itinerary:

  • Sing your heart-out in a karaoke

  • Eat your sushi delivered fast by a shinkansen-inspired plate

  • Cuddle with dogs or cats in an animal café

  • Snatch a unique souvenir from Japan through playing crane machines

  • Wear a kimono on a day tour in Tokyo

  • Enjoy the colorful world and food along Takeshita-Dori

When travelling with kids, there are many considerations that you need to think of. With a destination as interesting as Tokyo, it can be overwhelming to do your DIY trip. In order to give you an insight of how to efficiently navigate Tokyo and maximize your trip, joining some free walking tours in Tokyo is a good idea! While there are efforts to make Tokyo friendlier to tourists especially with regards to the language barrier, tips and guidelines by a local would be useful! There are places and activities that you will feel more comfortable exploring and trying if you are with a local.

What kids read and learn from books can be enhanced more by fascinating stories told by the locals! Start off your Tokyo trip through discovering the history behind the fun, colorful and interesting youth fashion center of the city – Harajuku. Join Tokyo Localized’ Meiji and Harajuku Street Culture before you let your kids indulge with the sweets along the Takeshita-Dori!


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