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Are Tokyo Food Tours Worth It?

Planning to join food tours in Tokyo but wondering whether it’s worth a dime? In this post, we shed light on why Tokyo food tours are worth it and why not. Read on.

Tokyo food tours are designed for you to have the best food experience. In a short span of time, food tours enable you to sample various dishes. Depending on the type of food tour, local guides can bring you to the best restaurants, izakaya (pub), buffet, streets, or markets to try various specialty dishes, whether it’s sushi, ramen, sake, wagyu beef, or vegetarian dishes. For example, Tokyo Localized has Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Food Tour where you get to try the best dishes around the market and Tuna Cutting Show and Sushi Eating Tour to experience what fresh tuna cutting in Tokyo looks like.

Tokyo’s food scene is too vast to be explored in a few days, especially if you are a first-time visitor. Because of the various options available, it’s so easy to get confused or overwhelmed. Joining a food tour in Tokyo allows you to get a glimpse of its vibrant food scene in a span of hours. You can sample a wide array of dishes without spending days or weeks where to eat. Your local guide knows exactly where to bring you and can give you insider information.

Having a local guide also guides you through the etiquette when eating in Japan. You could avoid embarrassing eating blunders while in Japan. In Japan in general, fresh ingredients are always the standard, which is propelled by the fact that the country is blessed with abundant harvest from the sea and mountains. Therefore, it’s never hard for people in Japan to find fresh produce every day.


Looking for the best food tour in Tokyo? Come join us at our Tsukiji Fish Market Walking Food Tour where we bring you around the best food spots at Tsukiji Market and feast on various delicious dishes.

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