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What and Where to Eat at Tsukiji Outer Market: Top 10 Must-Try Foods at Tsukiji Outer Market

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Wondering what to eat at Tsukiji Outer Market? Don’t stress out. On this list, we highlighted the best food and where to eat at Tsukiji Outer Market.

Tsuikiji Outer Market is the outer part of Tsukiji Market, a more than 100-year-old seafood market that has been moved to Toyosu Fish Market. Although it’s been moved to a new location, the outer market, where restaurants and food stalls are thriving, is still around serving locals and tourists with fresh seafood-based dishes.

Top 10 Best Food in Tsukiji Outer Market and Where to Find Them

If we could list the hundreds of foods in Tsukiji Outer Market, we would. However, we know your stomach has its limits, and we know you don’t have forever to try them all. So, here are some of the best food at Tsukiji Outer Market:

1. Grilled Scallops and Steamed Oysters at Kakigoya

Kakigoya sells grilled giant scallops that are anointed with butter, soy sauce, and sake. Their fresh oysters are steamed, but you can eat them fresh as well.

2. Kaisendon at Tsukiji Koromo Sushi

Kaisendon is one of the best foods to eat at Tsukiji Outer Market and Tsukiji Koromo Sushi is one of the best restaurants that have this dish. They serve 18 different types of kaisendon, but we highly recommend uogashidon (fish market donburi) and aburi-don (a rice bowl with tuna, salmon, white fish, shellfish, and more).

3. Satsuma-age at Ajino-Hamato Tsukiji Honten

Ajino-Hamato Tsukiji Honten is an 80-year-old store known for its seafood delicacies. We highly recommend getting satsuma-age (deep-friend minced fish and vegetables). You can also try pickled and dried fish, squid dumplings, and corn fritters.

4. Horumon-ni at Kitsuneya

Kitsuniya has one of the best horumon-ni dish at Tsukiji Outer Market. Horumon-ni is the broad term for stewed beef or pork intestine dishes that are mixed with veggies and broth usually from miso or soy sauce.

5. Tamagoyaki at Daisada

Don’t miss tamagoyaki at Daisada. Tamagoyaki is made of eggs, usually found in bento lunches.

6. Grilled Tuna Skewer at Higashi Indo Maguro Shokai

A skewered grilled tuna that’s simmered in sake, salt, and pepper is something you should try at Higashi Indo Maguro Shokai.

7. Chicken Teriyaki at Torito Bunten

Take a break from seafood and head over to Torito Bunten and get their chicken teriyaki. You can never go wrong with this quintessential dish. The restaurant also sells oyakodon (a rice bowl with bite-sized chicken meat and tare-sauce runny egg), karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), and mizutaki (chicken hotpot).

8. Onigiri at Marutoyo

Onigiri (rice balls) at Marutoyo is one of the must-try foods at Tsukiji Outer Market. Onigiri is filled with grilled salmon or cod roe, but there are other fillings available too.

9. Nerimono at Kibun Sohonten

Nerimono is a cooked ground fish popular in traditional Japanese dishes. Kibun Sohonten serves nerimono the best. You can also find other snacks and the Tsukiji Fry, a kamaboko stick made of crab-flavored surimi seafood.

10. Tuna Katsu at East Indian Curry Company

East India Curry company specializes in a fusion of Indian, Japanese, and European styles of curries. We highly recommend trying the tuna katsu curry. The large chunks of tuna are breaded and deep-fried first before being served with rice and curry sauce.


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