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Tokyo in Autumn: 5 spots to visit

Walking Tours in Tokyo  | Tokyo in Winter
Photo: Showa Kinen Park | Image Courtesy of Yoshikazu TAKADA / Flickr

Everyone dreams of going to Japan to see the famous cherry blossom during spring season. However, Japan’s beauty and culture can actually be enjoyed any time of the year and in almost every part of the country.

One of the things to do in Tokyo from November to December is experiencing the magical season of autumn.

With the cool weather ideal for strolling around Tokyo, you can visit the places below to view beautiful trees with fiery red and golden yellow leaves:

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Photo: Gingko Avenue | Image Courtesy Leng Chen / Flickr

1. Gingko Avenue in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park

Along this avenue, you will see giant yellow trees standing tall on both sides of the street. Walking underneath Gingko trees feels like walking under a golden canopy with fallen leaves serving as a golden carpet. The street is just around 300-meter long, so you can see the full avenue in just 10 minutes. The best viewing spot would be from the traffic light as seen from the photo.

Nearest train station and exit station: Aoyama-Itchome Station

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: Always open

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Photo: Yoyogi Park | Image Courtesy of mrhayata / Flickr

2. Yoyogi Park

One of the largest parks in Tokyo and located within the area of Meiji Gaien Park. It is one of the favorite weekend hangouts of the locals because of the variety of things you can do here. With this spacious park, you can cycle, jog, run, play with your dog, fly a kite, listen to entertaining bands or simply have a picnic under the trees. More than that, colors of autumn are seen at the southside of the park with the presence of both yellow Gingko trees and red maple trees.

Nearest train station: JR Harajuku Station, Yoyogi Park Station and Meiji-jingu mae Station

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: Always open

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Photo: Hibiya Park | Image Courtesy of Tak H. / Flickr

3. Hibiya Park

Locals enjoy this park because it is relaxing. The presence of the water element in a park contributes to its beauty and peaceful ambience. At Hibiya Park, the most calming and scenic spot is around the Shinkei/Kumogoto pond. After a tiring day tour in Tokyo, go to Hibiya Park to rest while gazing at the autumn leaves.

Nearest train station: Hibiya Station and Yurakucho Station

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: Always open

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Photo: Illuminated Rikugien Garden | Image Courtesy of mrhayata / Flickr

4. Rikugien Garden

If you are looking for unique and cultural things to do in Tokyo, visiting an authentic Japanese garden should be part of your trip. At the entrance of this park, you will be welcomed by a huge sakura tree. Having a hilltop viewpoint where you have a 360-degree view of the autumn colors and its illumination at night make Rikiguen a popular autumn spot in Tokyo.

Nearest train station: JR Komagome Station

Entrance Fee: $300 YEN

Operating Hours: Regular season – 9:00-17:00 (final entry at 16:30); Illumination event (autumn and spring season) – until 21:00 (final entry at 20:30)

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Photo: Shinjuku Garden | Image Courtesy of mrhayata / Flickr

5. Shinjuku Gyoen

This park contains many varieties of trees in all seasons. You can find three types of gardens in Shinjuku-gyoen – Japanese, English landscape and French. If you want to enjoy autumn, head straight to the eastern side of the park where you will find the Japanese garden and Momijiyama (maple mountain).

Nearest train station: Shinjuku Station

Entrance Fee: 200 YEN

Operating Hours: final entry at 16:00; open until 16:30; closed on Mondays and first half of November due to Chrysanthemum Exhibit

One of the interesting parts of travelling in Japan is the embedded cultural meaning of seasons, parks, foods and other things. If you want to immerse yourself not only with the beauty of the autumn leaves but its cultural significance to the Japanese as well, joining Tours in Tokyo with the locals should be part of your itinerary.

Luckily, Tokyo Localized Day Tour in Tokyo covers the Meiji Park which is just nearby Gingko Avenue and Yoyogi Park. If you missed the morning tour, you can head straight to Shinjuku Park in the afternoon then explore this vibrant area through a Night Tour in Tokyo!

There are many things to do in Tokyo but you should make sure you get the most out of your Japan trip through joining free walking tour in Tokyo — you’ll get the most interesting tips and secrets as told by a local!


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Rocel is a believer of living life to the fullest through creating memories with her loved ones – family, friends and self. One of the things she enjoys doing with them is travelling where they get to experience new cultures, new cuisines, new stories to share and memories to look back. In 2018 alone, she travelled to 5 continents which exposed her to the world’s wonders. After all those trips, Japan is still one of her favorite countries because of its unique and rich culture and natural resources. She lived and studied in Tokyo, Japan for one year where she developed deeper love and appreciation towards the country.


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