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The 6 Best Souvenir Items In Tokyo That Will Remind You Of Your Trip

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Tokyo Banana | Image Courtesy of chinnian/Flickr

For most travel junkies, it's always a must to bring home souvenir items that will remind them of their trip abroad. As much as they'd like to leave footprints in places they've been to, they would also want to commemorate their recent trips by buying a memento or two. While some only consider cheap knick-knacks, others are willing to spend a good amount of money and time trying to find the best and unique items that can only be found in such country.

Good news for travel junkies or even first-time travelers who are visiting Tokyo! Both modern and traditional souvenirs (omiyage) are found practically everywhere. There are numerous souvenir shops that sell only-in-Japan items that would delight souvenir collectors. And, the best part is you can find anything that suits your budget — cheap deals are anywhere!

Because there's a vast range of souvenirs and gifts you can buy, narrow down your list by choosing one per every category below:

Japanese Food Samples

When in Tokyo, you'll find fake food or so-called Japanese Food Samples truly unique and worth-bringing at home. While the idea behind the replicas is for the advantage of restaurants to not remake display dishes every day, food replicas are now treated as an art form. You can try your hand at creating your own faux foods and bring home as souvenirs. Or, purchase one in any food sample shops in Kappabashi.

Tokyo Banana (or any Japanese Sweets)

Tokyo Banana is considered as Tokyo's best souvenir snack. That's because munching on these would make you think twice if you're actually eating real bananas. This popular snack consists of sponge cake filled with banana cream, made from strained banana puree. There are various flavors such as Tokyo Banana flavored Kit Kats, Tokyo Banana with caramel, or Tokyo Banana with maple. Of course, Japanese sweets are always a heartwarming treat. There are honey bears, waffle cakes, candy dolls, cheese biscuits and more!

Kawaii Items

There are unlimited kawaii (culture of cuteness) items you'd love to bring home. Find kawaii stickers, stationery, accessories, and merchandise exclusive to Japan! Every traveler should visit Loft, Kiddyland and Line Store in Harajuku, and Shibuya 109. Be ready to get yourself giddy visiting these shops that are full of cute plush toys, fashion, character merchandises (Hello Kitty! and Pokemon finds are definitely here) and other exclusive kawaii items.

Beauty and Skin Care Goodies

Japanese beauty products are among the world's holy grail products and cult favorite items. Whether you're considering to buy one for yourself or for your loved ones, you'll find good-quality yet amazingly cheap skin care products and cosmetics in local drugstores. Shibuya is a must-place visit for makeup lovers and those who are looking for well-known branded cosmetics, high-end luxury cosmetics, organic cosmetics, and other beauty products.


Japanese Sake

Most would claim that no Japanese trip would be complete without having a taste of fermented wine called sake. If you loved its noncarbonated, sweet flavor, bring home a bottle and let your friends and family members find out for themselves the hype behind this drink. Most department stores in Tokyo sell sake but if you want questions answered about this popular drink, buy a bottle of sake in Ajinomachidaya.

Traditional Crafts

Apart from the experience of making Japanese food samples, there's a ton of traditional crafts workshops that you'll find worthy of your time in Tokyo. And through these workshops, you can create your very own souvenirs. Find your way in Tokyo's Hand-made Paper Factory, Edo Style Glass Cutting, Pottery Making and more!

Buying souvenirs is surely part and parcel of a fun holiday trip in Tokyo. But, to make the most out of your experience, it's best to take walking tours that would allow you to discover stories behind Tokyo's souvenirs and must-visit places from a local's perspective. Join free walking tours in Tokyo and you'll surely get your curious questions answered.


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