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One-Day Itinerary: Tokyo

Walking Tours in Tokyo
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Japan's capital is rich with history and culture, brimming with good food, and even provides eccentric fashion finds -- one needs a week or so, to fully enjoy and explore Tokyo. But whether you are pressed for time or simply out on a long lay-over, one day in Tokyo is possible. From eating delicious Japanese food to visiting cultural temples, and strolling down in the park to ending the night with ice-cold beer, below is an itinerary that will help you enjoy the city to the fullest.

Tokyo Tours
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Tsukiji Fish Market 

Rise and shine! Start your day early and be ready to line up at around 7AM; that will give you enough time to eat and shop around the place. Tsukiji Fish Market remains to be one of Tokyo's top-attractions because of its amazing and fresh sushi and a market with a wide array selection of fruits, ramen, and merchandise such as Japanese knives. Remember to wear closed shoes, follow the market rules, and be ready to taste some amazing sushi!

(Pro-tip: if you want to witness the tuna auction, be ready to line up as early as 2 am! Witness the biggest, freshest tuna being sold around an exciting atmosphere. If you're a big sushi fan, you don't want to miss out on this early morning action!)

Tokyo Tours
(Image c/o Antonio Acuna// via Flickr)

Meiji Shrine

Tokyo is full of rich history and culture and Meiji Shrine stands as proof. Destroyed after the Second World War and rebuilt shortly after, the shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Take part in the shrine's activities such as making offerings, buying trinkets and charms, and wishing on an ema. Located in a vast forest, the shrine has two main parts: Naien (inner precinct), which houses shrine buildings and a museum that displays some of the personal items of both the Emperor and Empress; and Gaien (outer precinct) which houses the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, National Stadium, and Memorial Hall.

(Pro-tip: if you feel like strolling through a park, visit the adjacent Yoyogi Park to enjoy spacious lawns and the tranquil pond).

Tours in Tokyo
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While Japan is respectful of its history and tradition, Japan is also known to be at the forefront of innovation. Aside from advanced technology, let Tokyo guide you to a district full of shops that specializes in eccentric fashion and trendy teenage styles. Don't miss out on this truly unique fashion adventure. Kawaii!


One stop-over away will you bring you to a shopaholic's paradise. Shibuya 109 is a must-visit for those who are into serious shopping. Try walking across the Shibuya "Scramble" Crossing as well and you will instantly feel the electric vibe of pedestrians in the city. Last but not the least, Shibuya has something to offer too for the animal lovers. Try not to tear up as you visit the statue of the most loyal dog known to man, Hachiko.

Tokyo Attractions
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By now, you're probably tired but happy from walking and exploring around the city. There's no better way than to cap off the night at Tokyo's most popular night-life district: Roppongi. There is a wide-selection of bars, restaurants, and night clubs that are all foreign-friendly. Open an ice-cold beer and relax, finally. You've conquered Tokyo in a day. Kampai!


Tokyo Localized provides visitors and travellers to Tokyo with a unique perspective of this great city, what makes us unique is that our tour guides live and work in Tokyo, have a passion for this city and love meeting and welcoming new faces. Find out more about our Unique Day and Night Tours of Tokyo - we can't wait to meet you!


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