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Experience Asakusa in an Interactive Virtual Tour with a Local

The highlight of this tour is Senso-ji Temple, built in 645, making it the oldest temple in all of Tokyo. The Buddhist temple dates further back than Japan’s well-known Edo-period, a period when shita-machi areas such as Asakusa thrived with merchants and vibrant lifestyles. The area is still home to various forms of vibrant culture, such as Japanese comedy; rakugo and manzai. Asakusa is also home to the oldest amusement park in Japan, Hanayashiki. Walk down Hoppy-street to get a glimpse into old-timers and newcomers drinking side-by-side in traditional outdoor-style Japanese pubs, izakayas, regardless of it being daytime or evening.

Learn about the rich history of Asakusa as you weave through a diverse variety of streets. Discover the treasures - both in stories and items - while enjoying the interactions with your local tour guide who is happy to share their wealth of knowledge and passion for the neighborhood. Take in the wonderful views of Tokyo’s source of life, Sumida River, and the world’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree, while imagining the places you will visit in-person one day!

The 1-hour tour highlights include:

  • History and stories behind Senso-ji Temple

  • Walk through famous streets including Nakamise-dori and Hoppy-street

  • Souvenir (handwritten thank you note from your tour guide)

Perks of a virtual tour:

Traveling and globetrotting no longer requires you to leave your home! Regardless of age, location, or abilities, virtual tours are bound to let your world expand. And interacting with locals adds an extra layer of memory to any adventure - that’s why a tour with Tokyo Localized is for you. Asakusa is known as one of the busiest tourist areas of Tokyo. The famous shopping street, Nakamise-dori, between Kaminarimon Gate and Senso-ji Temple are often impossible to walk through without a sea of people. However, now is a one-of-a-kind time to visit Asakusa where you will get a more personable experience. Between interacting with your tour guide and local vendors, you’ll get a close up look at the historical part of Tokyo hassle-free.

Book the 1-hour Asakusa Tour Here.

Nina Cataldo is a Tokyo-based writer and Communication Specialist. A proud hafu (half-Japanese) and a Tokyo native, Nina grew up in the United States before returning to Japan. She is passionate about helping people tell their stories, with compassion and understanding from her bi-lingual and bicultural perspective.

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