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A slowdown day in Tokyo: 3 Things to Do in Daikanyama

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Daikanyama | Image Courtesy of Takayuki Miki | Flickr

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world. There are so many things you can do which means taking some time off from your itinerary seems impossible. However, if you ever find yourself the need to recharge and be away from the rushing crowd, you could go to Daikanyama.

Just a 15-minute walk from the crazy and congested Shibuya, this fashionable neighborhood of Tokyo is popular for its hipster cafes, fashion boutiques and high-end residences of socialites and celebrities.

Below are the 3 things you can do in Daikanyama during a slowdown day in Tokyo:

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Kyo Asakura House | Image Courtesy of findlelight| Flickr

1. Admire old architecture that endured catastrophes and unique used of space.

Everyone knows Japanese brands for their high-quality products and great service. A testament on how Japan’s ability to create long-lasting and enduring things can be found here in Daikanyama.

You can visit Kyu Asakura house which used to be the resident house of Asakura family built by its patriarch in 1919. It has withstood the fire bombings during the second world war and the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923.

Another trait of Japan is its commitment to preservation of traditional crafts. An old Japanese-style warehouse, Okura, is where you can find ancient method of dying – natural indigo dye. You can purchase a unique cultural item ranging from tickets, jackets, socks and many more as a memento of your recent Tokyo trip!

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Log Road | Image Courtesy of Suzuki Yuya | Flickr

But this does not mean that Japan is confined with the “usual old ways.” In fact, in another part of Daikanyama, you can see an innovative use of old space. Visit Log Road, an entertainment and shopping center made of logs and surrounded with greenery and other nature elements. You can spend a whole afternoon here sipping craft beers, watching fashionista passersby or simply, relaxing.

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Coffee | Image Courtesy of Tatsuo Yamashita | Flickr

2. Relax in a café and watch rare interactions of expats and locals

As everyone knows, Japan is one of the few homogenous societies in the world. The number of foreign workers in Japan is small compare with other developed countries. Add up the language barrier, it is almost impossible to see foreigners and locals interact outside the office. But here in Daikanyama, you will see how the neighborhood makes the expats feel welcome and at home in Tokyo. The calm ambience might contribute to this friendly environment.

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: T-site | Image Courtesy of chinnian | Flickr

The famous part of Daikanyama is the T-site, short for Tsutaya-site. Here you can find the well-designed Tsutaya Bookshore (Tsutaya is Tokyo’s biggest bookstore chain), upscale stores, oshare (classy, cool and trendy) restaurants, art galleries and other experiential shops. There are also benches where you can sit and enjoy watching Tokyo locals take some time off from their busy life.

Tours in Tokyo | Tokyo Tours | Day Tour in Tokyo | Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Bonjour Records | Image Courtesy of chinnian | Flickr

3. Stroll around the exceptional mix of local, international, vintage and modern shops

As one of the most metropolitan areas in Tokyo, you can expect to see a fascinating mix of shops. Depends on your interests, you can visit Bonjour Records for a good selection of high-quality, for accessories from the US with a historical and beautiful architecture drop by at Journey or you can take a glance at the next fashion trend in Tokyo when you check the latest collection at the Hollywood Ranch Market. Daikanyama offers.

Everyone will tell you to maximize your trip in Tokyo by including all activities. It can be overwhelming at first!

But if you find the need to relax, you can always find a neighborhood like Daikanyama. Another option for a slowdown day in Tokyo while still immersing yourself in the culture of Japan is by joining free walking day tours! By being in a group of fellow tourists and being guided by an English-speaker and well-knowledgeable local, you get to appreciate what Japan truly offers to the world! Most of Tokyo Localized walking tours in Tokyo are only half-day!

This leaves you enough time to explore other similar areas like Naka-Meguro and Ebisu in the afternoon!


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