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Japan Cherry Blossom 2024 Forecast: Everything You Need to Know (LATEST UPDATE)

Updated: Mar 29

The budding and blooming of cherry blossoms is one of the most popular phenomena in Japan.

Cherry blossoms have become a must-visit tourist attraction in Tokyo and many other places. Millions of foreign tourists choose springtime to visit the country for the magnificent cherry blossoms.

For many Japanese, cherry blossoms, or sakura, symbolize human life, both birth and death. The tree and its flowers have been etched in the culture and tradition of Japan, so you can see them almost anywhere.

Before making plans, here’s everything you need to know about cherry blossoms in Japan in 2024:

What is the best month to see cherry blossoms in Japan?

The best month to see cherry blossoms in Japan is April when the flowers are in full bloom. However, as early as March, cherry blossoms may have started flowering and already an attraction of their own.

How long do Japan cherry blossoms last?

Cherry blossoms typically last for 10 to 14 days. Certain species may last longer than 14 days, but Yoshino cherries, the one that’s widely spread across Japan, last only for about 14 days.

When do cherry blossoms in Japan bloom in 2024?

Cherry blossoms often start in March in most parts of Japan and last about two weeks. The full bloom period lasts only a few days, so it’s important to time your visit well.

Based on the latest cherry blossom 2024 forecast, cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to start flowering on March 29, which is several days later than last year, while the full bloom is expected on April 1.

Here are cherry blossom flowering and blooming dates in Japan for 2024 based on the forecast released by Japan Meteorological Corporation updated last March 28:

  • Kochi - Flowering on March 23; Full bloom on March 28

  • Fukuoka - Flowering on March 27; Full bloom on April 2

  • Tokyo - Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 1

  • Hiroshima - Flowering on March 25; Full bloom on April 2

  • Nagoya - Flowering on March 28; Full bloom on April 2

  • Osaka - Flowering on March 28; Full bloom on April 3

  • Kyoto - Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 3

  • Kanazawa - Flowering on March 31; Full bloom on April 5

  • Sendai - Flowering on April 2; Full bloom on April 7

  • Sapporo - Flowering on April 26; Full bloom on April 30

  • Wakayama - Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 2

  • Kagoshima - Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 7

  • Aomori - Flowering on April 14; Full bloom on April 18

  • Nagano - Flowering on April 4; Full bloom on April 9

As we approach the cherry blossom season, the Japan Meteorological Corporation will release more updates soon.

Be warned! This is just a forecast. And like any other forecast, this is not 100% accurate. There were times when cherry blossoms got confused and prematurely bloomed in autumn. So, do your research and manage your expectations when creating an itinerary. Be sure to check this guide again!

Will there be a cherry blossom festival in 2024?

Yes! Japan has fully opened its borders to foreign tourists, and activities such as cherry blossom festivals have been allowed since last year. Cherry blossom festivals, or ‘Hanami,’ typically fall between late March and mid-April or even early May.

Cherry blossom festivals in Japan take place in riversides, parks, roadsides, mountainsides, gardens, temples, shrines, business districts, and more. Make sure to do your due diligence.

Best cherry blossom spots in Japan

If you’re visiting Japan, cherry blossoms are everywhere! Here are the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan:

  • Chidorigafuchi (Tokyo)

  • Nakameguro River Park (Tokyo)

  • Philosopher’s Path (Kyoto)

  • Osaka Castle Park (Osaka)

  • Lake Kawaguchiko or Fuji Five Lakes (Yamanashi)

  • Hirosaki Castle (Aomori)

  • Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

  • Mitsuike Koen (Kanagawa)

  • Mount Yoshinoyama (Nara)

  • Nijukken Road (Hokkaido)

As a final note, if you wish to make the best out of your spring vacation in Japan, plan your trip well. Watch out for the cherry blossom 2024 forecast now and then to get a good read on their budding and blooming activities.


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