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Autumn In Tokyo: Cherry Blossoms ‘Confused’ to Bloom

Things to do in Tokyo | Day tour of Tokyo
Photo: Cherry Blossoms up-close | Image Courtesy of Jeff Kubina / Flickr

One of the most sought-after experiences of every traveller who’s on a Tokyo Tour is witnessing the Cherry Blossoms. Not everyone is lucky to catch sight of the enthralling beautiful pink flowers, especially if you happen to be travelling during the fall season. However, the famous spring blossoms unexpectedly bloom this October — which happens to be autumn season.

The recent weather conditions in Japan most likely affected the revered Cherry Blossoms. The typhoons, particularly Typhoon Jebi, brought in warm air — therefore, confusing the blooms of the unusual weather condition. According to Hiroyuki Wada, of the Flower Association of Japan, the violent storms caused the trees to be stripped of its leaves, which are responsible to prevent Cherry Blossoms from flowering in advance.

The blossoming of the floral vibrant displays is affected by wind, rain, and temperature. These factors can either delay or cause the blooms to appear earlier than usual.

According to the Weathernews website, there have been more than 300 reports of premature blooms across Japan. Wada said that while the affected trees won’t bloom in next year’s spring season, majority of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms will flower as usual.

While Wada clarified that it has happened in the past, he revealed that he “doesn’t remember seeing something of this scale.”

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo - Walking Tour Tokyo
Photo: Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park | Image Courtesy of Gavin Anderson / Flickr

Traditionally, the Japanese observe hanami or the tradition of enjoying and appreciating the beauty of the pink blossoms under the Cherry trees during spring. The festivities begin in the daytime until late night, as the locals enjoy the sights while having a taste of the Japanese sake.

While the Japan Weather Association hasn’t announced the Sakura season forecast for 2019, the unexpected blooming of the Cherry Blossoms comes as an unexpected bonus for travellers this autumn season. They can go on Tours in Tokyo for two things: catch sight of the cherry blossoms or enjoy the beautiful trees with fiery red and golden yellow trees.

The recent news might come as a surprise to many but it definitely proved something. Even though you’ve planned your things to do in Tokyo in ahead of time, don’t formally stick to your itinerary and be ready for unexpected surprises.

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