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5 Underrated Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo in 2023

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The cherry blossom season in Japan is coming! On this list, we give you the most underrated cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss them.

Cherry blossoms in Japan in 2023 are expected to happen between March 15 and April 30, depending on the location. In Tokyo, cherry blossoms are expected to flower on March 15 and fully bloom on March 22.

Many popular parks, highways, are temples will surely be full to the brim this spring. While we understand that some might go where the crowd is this coming cherry blossom season in Tokyo, there are some tourists that prefer to go a different route and choose less crowded places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Lucky for you, we know a few places in Tokyo where you can enjoy cherry blossoms with fewer crowds.

1. Zenpukuji River

Around 400 cherry blossom trees flower and bloom in sync along the banks of Zenpukuji River. No matter which part you stop, the river gives you a solid view of the cherry blossoms, perfect for taking pictures. To get to Zenpukuji River, take the train to Minami Asagaya Station and then walk to the river for about 10 minutes.

2. Oyoko River

Stretching from Sumida Ward to Koto Ward, Oyoko River boasts one of the most beautiful riverbanks in the spring with hundreds of cherry blossom trees bordering the river. Add to this sightseeing gem the traditional boats that ply the river. At night, Oyoko River lights up, delighting the tourists even more. Plus, don’t miss the Tokyo Skytree in the background! To get to Oyoko River, take the train to Monzen-Nakacho Station and walk to the river.

3. Kanda River

A tunnel of cherry blossoms emerges along the Kanda River every springtime, one of the most delightful sights to see in Tokyo around this time. Stretching for 25 kilometers from Inokashira Park to Sumida River, Kanda River gives spectators a feast to the eye like no other. The view of the cherry-lined river from Omokage Bridge, in particular, is not the most popular so make sure to get your phone’s up. You can walk from Edogawabashi Station towards Omokage Bridge to see more of the cherry blossoms.

4. Kinuta Park

Originally a wide golf course dating back to 1957, Kinuta Park in Setagaya Ward is not your typical cherry blossom spot in Tokyo. Well, at least, for tourists since it’s quite a common hanami ground for locals living nearby. In addition, some varieties of cherry blossoms that live longer are in the park. Bring your mat and enjoy a picnic! Kinuta Park is a 20-minute walk from Yoga Station.

5. Kinshi Park

Located at the heart of the city, Kinshi Park is one of the most underrated cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. Despite its location, tourists don’t appreciate the park more than it deserves. The cherry blossom trees at the park look stunning, plus you get a view of the Tokyo Skytree as well. Kinshi Park is a short walk away from Kinshicho Station.

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