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Top 3 Limited Edition Sakura Souvenirs from Japan

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

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Photo: Sakura treats | Image Courtesy of crayonmonkey / Flickr

The charm of sakura is captivating. Seeing the fleeting beauty of cherry blossom is an amazing experience. If only you can do it every year and if only you can bring home the experience, you certainly would. It is not appropriate to pick sakura flowers and bring it home as a souvenir. However, you can still take home a piece of your hanami (experience in Tokyo through the limited-edition sakura-themed souvenir from Japan!

Every year, shops and restaurants create sakura-themed products to celebrate the famous spring season. It seems that the whole town of Tokyo will be painted with pink.

Another things to do in Tokyo would be to try kawaii (cute) sakura food and products available only during spring season:

1. Sweet treats

Taste the traditional Japanese treats in sakura flavor to have a uniquely Japan experience.

Eitaro Sakura Jelly

The famous confectionary Eitaro creates this elegant dessert. The actual cherry blossom inside supplements the beauty of this cherry blossom flavoured jelly.


Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Sakura mochi | Image Courtesy of unknown / Pxhere

Mochi is the general term that refers to rice cakes. Sakura mochi is a rice cake wrapped in cherry blossom leaf decorated with actual dried cherry blossom.


The pink color of this taiyaki makes it appropriate for spring. An already kawaii dessert became even cuter! Though the flavor will be the traditional red-bean paste and chestnut, it still a must-try dessert in Tokyo.

Sakura cakes, donuts, macarons and other pastries

Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Sakura cronut | Image Courtesy of Enzo Araullo / Facebook

All types of desserts during spring will use cherry blossom either as a flavor or as a food décor. If you’re lucky, you can find a sakura dessert which has both!

2. Drinks


Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Sakura Coke | Image Courtesy of Enzo Araullo / Facebook

Another unique cherry blossom souvenir from your Tokyo trip would be the soda cans. The two beverage giants often release limited editions drinks in different seasons. Expect it to be pink and sakura-themed during spring season!

Milk Tea

A popular drink among young people is made even more appealing with the use of sakura. The flavor and the design will surely attract milk-tea lovers around the world!

Tea and coffee

Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: 2018 Starbucks sakura coffee | Image Courtesy of writer

For caffeine lovers, you are also in for a treat during cherry blossom season. Taste the delicate sakura flower in the morning to have a calm yet productive day!

3. Mugs and tumblers

If you want to relive your sakura experience, bring home a tangible souvenir like mugs and tumblers. Every year, Starbucks produces beautifully-designed sakura collection of tumblers and mugs. It is limited edition so make sure to grab one of those while it last! The first batch was released last February 15. Head out to the nearest branch by February 25 for the second release of these sakura collectibles!

You don’t have to go to popular food chains just to try sakura-themed food. Many restaurants, shops and even konbini (convenient store) around Tokyo will be creating sakura-themed products during the spring season.

Things to do in Tokyo
Photo: Sakura and Mt. Fuji| Image Courtesy of Daniel Hehn / Unsplash

Tokyo’s sakura is a memorable experience that everyone would like to cherish! Make it more unique through having a taste of cherry blossom in Tokyo. Though spring season might be all about sakura, there are still many things to do in Tokyo.

One of the interesting parts of travelling in Japan is the embedded cultural meaning of seasons, parks, foods and other things. If you want to immerse yourself and learn more about cultural significance of cherry blossom, its fleeting beauty to the Japanese as well, joining Tours in Tokyo with the locals should be part of your itinerary. Luckily, Tokyo Localized Day Tour in Tokyo offers walking tours around Meiji Park which is just nearby Yoyogi Park and Asakusa where you can learn more about the spiritual practices of Japanese. If you missed the morning tour, you can head straight to Shinjuku Park in the afternoon then explore this vibrant area through a Night Tour in Tokyo!

There are many things to do in Tokyo, but you should make sure you get the most out of your Japan trip through joining free walking tour in Tokyo — you’ll get the most interesting tips and secrets like beautiful and peaceful sakura spots as told by a local!

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