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How to Enjoy A Rainy Day in Tokyo

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Rainy Tokyo Night | Image Courtesy of IQRemix/Flickr

For some travellers, they try to avoid visiting Tokyo during the months of June, July, and September. That's because those are the months when the weather usually turns sour — expect rainy days to come your way. You'll have to walk around the city in your rain boots and carry your umbrella at all times.

While it seems like a bummer to tour Tokyo on a rainy day, there's still a lot of activities you can do and places to visit even when the Land of the Rising Sun turns into the "Land of Gloomy Skies." Here are 5 things to do in Tokyo when you happen visit the city on a rainy, gloomy day:

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Heiseikan, Tokyo National Museum | Image courtesy of i_yudai/Flickr

1. Visit Museums and Art Galleries

If you don't like rain droplets splashing your way, it's best to stay indoors for your day tour in Tokyo. Luckily, there are hundreds of museums and art galleries spread throughout the city. The most famous ones are the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art and the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

The Tokyo National Museum has the largest collection of Japanese Art whereas you'll find Western paintings and drawings (from the 15th - 20th century) at the National Museum of Western Art. If you'd like to get a glimpse of Tokyo life through the ages, then it's a must to visit the permanent exhibitions of Edo-Tokyo Museum.


With Japan having an impressive history, one's bound to enjoy and appreciate the 400-year-old history of Tokyo. Of course, for those who are not into arts and cultural stuff, you can check out their Science Museum, Subway Museum or even the Salt Museum in Sumida.

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Tokyo Disney Sea Entrance / Image Courtesy of Syoko Matsumura/Flickr

2. Unleash Your Inner Kid

Don't let the gloomy weather get you down. While the rains may bring a bit of loneliness, fight it off by unleashing your inner kid at Tokyo's theme parks and pop culture spots! Head on over to Tokyo Disney Sea, Tokyo Disneyland, or one of Japan's largest theme parks — Tokyo Joypolis!

Think of the weather as an advantage to you. Because of the rainy weather, most park goers and tourists (who are bringing their kids) will likely cancel their visit. This just means there will be shorter lines — whether while entering the park, waiting for a photo op with your favorite character, or lining up the food stalls.

You're not a kid anymore and you shouldn't worry about a few drops of rain, right? Just put on a raincoat and bring an umbrella with you in case those drops turn into showers.

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei | Image Courtesy of Kinosaki Onsen/Flickr

But if you really love to stay indoors and want to avoid the busy wet streets, then maybe it's better for you to finally try Tokyo's public hot tubs. Japan has two kinds of public hot tubs — the public bathhouses called sentō and the hot springs known as onsen. While Tokyo is an urban city, there are a number of hot springs and public baths you can head over too!

Just remember that these public hot tubs require everyone NOT to wear swimsuits. You have to bare it all before you dip into the waters. Don't worry about it 'cause everyone's minding their own businesses. Just sit back, and find yourself relaxed by soaking in the warm water

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Sake Barrels | Image Courtesy of davidgsteadman/Flickr

4. Get a Taste of Japanese Culture

When we say, have a "taste" of Japanese culture, we really mean two things. First, it means to experience Japan by attending workshops (such as calligraphy classes), doing what the locals do (visiting temples), and dressing up like them too! Second, immerse yourself in their authentic cuisine and try your favorite Japanese food in Tokyo's best restaurants.

And, no Tokyo tour is ever complete without having a taste of Japan's beloved sake ("sah-keh"). This alcoholic beverage is made from fermented rice. Unlike traditional wine, it undergoes a different brewing process so it's lighter in color, noncarbonated, and has a sweet flavor!

Walking Tours in Tokyo
Shibuya's 109 Building | Image Courtesy of Antonio Tajuelo/ Flickr

5. Go on a Shopping Spree!

If all else fails, then go instead for some retail therapy by shopping in Shibuya or Shinjuku. Visit Shibuya and you'll find there the iconic shopping mall which is best known for having the cutest and unusual Japanese fashion. If you happen to be in Shinjuku, go beyond shopping and experience a night tour in Tokyo by visiting their best attractions.

Tokyo has the best shopping places in the world and you'll definitely experience to "shop 'til you drop."

If you don't have any companions with you or it's your first time to go on a solo trip to Tokyo, you'd be happy to know that there are free walking tours in Tokyo. Joining such is not only an opportunity for you to meet foreign travelers but also lets you get first-hand tips from Tokyo's locals. Plus, there's no better way to go through a gloomy day tour than by having someone to guide you on your trip!


Tokyo Localized provides visitors and travellers to Tokyo with a unique perspective of this great city, what makes us unique is that our tour guides live and work in Tokyo, have a passion for this city and love meeting and welcoming new faces. Find out more about our Unique Day and Night Tours of Tokyo - we can't wait to meet you!


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