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Furoshiki Online Workshop

Tour Overview

Let's try "Furoshiki" wrapping with your cloth. 

Furoshiki is just a square cloth but it has a long history and a part of Japanese culture. Since the 7th century, Japanese people have been using Furoshiki cloth. There are various ways of use such as a gift wrapping, bottle wrapping, shopping bag, interior decoration and so on. Even a long item or a  ball can be wrapped with the square cloth. 

Also, using a cloth for wrapping or as a bag is very eco-friendly. It won't make any waste unlike paper wrappings or plastic bags. In Japan, the same  Furoshiki cloth has been used several times in different ways. 

Your instructor is going to tell you how to wrap a bottle or box with the cloth and how to make a bag out of the cloth step by step. As we use Zoom, you can talk with the instructor smoothly and ask a question at any time. 

 If you learn Furoshiki wrapping techniques, you will be able to wrap a gift more attractively and contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

Why don't you get an authentic Furoshiki cloth made in Japan? You can purchase them from the link below.

Tour Details

Please check tour schedule

Duration: 1 Hour

Price: 2,000 JPY

What you need: 

- 70cm(27.5 inch) square cloth

-wine bottle


Number of Participants: 1 connection per 1 Furoshiki. Up to 10 connections in one session. 

Language: English

Tour Highlights

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Tour FAQ's

How long does the workshop last?

It takes 1 hour.

What should I prepare?

Please prepare a 70cm(24.5 inch) square cloth and some items to wrap such as a box and a wine bottle.

Do you offer Virtual tours in Spanish, German or French?

We will send you the details of the virtual tour to your email after your booking.

Why are there limited spaces for the workshop?

We limit the group sizes for the workshop for the quality reasons, and our instructor cannot offer a great service to our guests.

Terms & Conditions (Virtual Tours)

Furoshiki Online Workshop

Your booking confirmation will be sent to you automatically by email upon successful completion of your order. If you do not receive this mail for any reason, you are asked to contact us by , as it may mean that your order has not been successfully processed. Please check your junk or spam folder first.

The workshop will be held by Zoom. Participants need to have all equipment to join the web meeting. Participants have 1 connection.

Booking Amendments

If you want to reschedule your workshop, please contact us by email:  with your booking name, the name of the workshop and the new date when you want to join the workshop. Any amendment you wish to make to your booking must be requested at least 48 hours before the workshop start time. We are not able to accept any booking amendments within 48 hours before the workshop start time.


Our Fault

We work very hard to ensure that all workshops run as scheduled. When a workshop cancels and it is our fault, we will refund the price.

Your Request

If you need to cancel the booking, please let us know. Please contact us at with your booking name, the name of the workshop. We will cancel your booking and refund full.

If you don’t show up or you cancel the workshop within 48 hours before the start time of the workshop, we will not refund you.

Others (Natural disasters, Interruption of delivery system, and Closure of the shop)

Should we be unable to offer a workshop due to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, heavy rains, extreme weather and so on), we will let you know by e-mail as soon as possible and refund the full price. Should we be unable to send you the Furoshiki cloths due to interruption of delivery system (such as suspension of delivery and cancelation of a flight) or closure of the shop, we will refund the full price.

Late Policy

Your workshop instructor is booked specifically for the length of time mentioned on the service description and we don’t want to waste of time of other guests who join the workshop on time. If you join more than 10 minutes late, you will be considered as a “no-show” and your booking will be canceled without a refund.


Tokyo Localized will never sell your personal information to any third party. We reserve the right to use data given to us for marketing and research purposes.

Furoshiki Online Workshop

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