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Which Free Walking Tours should I join?

Tokyo Localized Free Walking Tours in Tokyo offer 3 different Walking Tours in Tokyo

Right now, Tokyo Localized is offering 3 different walking tours in Tokyo. Free Walking Tour Tokyo, Shinjuku Night Free Walking Tour, and Meiji Shrine & Harajuku Tokyo Street culture Free Walking Tour. All 3 walking tours have a different course, and different stories. Check the details on the link above. 

Join All of our Walking Tours

If you want know everything about Tokyo, like the history, culture, religion, food, and night life, you should join all our walking tours! Each walking tour will show you different places of Tokyo and culture that you would never find by yourself - it is also an effective way to save your time. Listen to the stories, and see Tokyo from a local perspective. 

Which tour should I join first?

The best way to start your Tokyo trip is joining the Free Walking Tour Tokyo. This tour will tell you all you need when you travel to Tokyo, and Japan. Check this article for more details about the tour. Then, if you want to learn more of Shinto, the religion of Japan, and the street culture of Tokyo, join the Meiji Jingu Shrine & Harjuku Free Walking Tour. Then, the Shinjuku Night Free Walking Tour. This tour is all about night life and social life in Tokyo, that cannot miss it.

Fit with schedule

Tokyo is a huge city, and we know that lot of travelers want to join the free walking tours if it fits in with their schedule. We are trying our best to design new walking tours in Tokyo, and try to open as many schedules as possible. We do not want you to miss this opportunity to join our free walking tours. Keep checking our website or subscribe to our news letters to get the latest information. 


Tokyo Localized provides visitors and travellers to Tokyo with a unique perspective of this great city, what makes us unique is that our tour guides live and work in Tokyo, have a passion for this city and love meeting and welcoming new faces. Find out more about our Unique Day and Night Tours of Tokyo - we can't wait to meet you!


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