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5 Things Every Traveller Must Do In Tokyo

First-time travelers in Tokyo, Japan have different motivations for visiting one of the world's greatest (and busiest) cities. Whether it's to see the amazing cherry blossoms, have a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, pay homage to their favorite anime, or experience the bustling streets of Tokyo, every traveler longs for a unique and worth-remembering travel experience. After all, Tokyo embodies a cultural setting that combines modern showcase and ancient traditions.

To ensure that you'll get the most out of your Tokyo experience, here are 5 must-do things that every first time traveler should include in their bucket list:

Go on a Food Trip and Try Japan's Famous Whisky

It's commonly known across the globe that Japanese food is always fresh and delicious. Beloved by locals and tourists, you'll find sushi, ramen, and tonkatsu being served at restaurants, massive food courts, or along the streets. Likewise, there are various whisky distilleries in Japan that come in different shapes and make use of different age wooding barrels and mixes, -- thus, not limiting your whisky tasting experience to 1 drink. You'll be surprised that whisky goes well with sushi or sashimi.

Shop in Shibuya

Shibuya has been dubbed as every fashion lover's "shopping paradise." Here, you'll find hundreds of department stores and shopping outlets that offer fashion staples, boutique items, and high-end garments. It's definitely a one-stop shopping destination where you get a variety of choices.

Apart from being a shopping destination, Shibuya is also famous for its busy intersection which is located outside Shibuya Station. Take a walk across the the Shibuya scramble and see a new perspective on how crowded a street can be!

Explore Parks and Shrines

For a highly urbanized city like Tokyo, you might initially think that it's always crowded, and people seem to be always in a hurry. However, the city has numerous shrines and parks where one can stroll and appreciate peace away from the hectic environment.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Ueno Park are among the most beautiful parks which boasts distinctive landscapes and serve as two of the best viewing spots during Cherry Blossom festivals. If you'd join walking tours in Tokyo, you'll also see the popular temples and shinto shrines such as Meiji Shrine which is dedicated to the late Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken!

Experience Night life in Shinjuku

Being the most vibrant district in Tokyo, Japan's "city that never sleeps" is best to explore from dawn 'til night. It's at its liveliest when the bright neon lights lit up and people head over to various pubs and bars to sing karaoke, catch a midnight movie screening, or chill within one of Shinjuku's best drinking spots.

See Tokyo From Above

Here's the best thing about Tokyo's panoramic view: there are multiple spots where you can view the city's skylines. From rooftop bars to soaring viewing decks to towering observatories, each gives a different perspective of the city. Catch Mount Fuji on a clear day, see Tokyo Tower from afar, or simply get a perfect shot of the urban landscape from the top.

Want to make sure you don't miss out on what Tokyo has to offer? Explore the city's best destinations and famous attractions from a local's perspective by joining free walking tours in Tokyo. Let tour guides show you unexpected sides of the city, learn about the history of an attraction, and discover a secret or two about the Japanese culture.


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