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Deepen Your Knowledge of Tokyo with a Free Virtual Tour

Get acquainted with the city of Tokyo through a free and informative tour. Whether you’ve been to Tokyo before, or dream of visiting one day, this virtual tour is a great way to deepen your knowledge of the city’s history, culture, and food.

A passionate and knowledgeable local guide will take you through stories and images supported by PowerPoint slides while interacting with the participants. So if you have a question - any question - about Tokyo, this tour is a great time to ask and talk with a true Tokyo local.

Tokyo, which is both a city and a prefecture, is home to more than 14 million residents. The city has many facets - from historical districts that remind visitors of the Edo-period, 400 years ago when the city was established, to districts filled with modern architecture and lifestyle. Learn about how the capital of the nation moved from Kyoto to Tokyo, and take a virtual walk through centuries of change and evolution.

As the late Anthony Bourdain claimed, Tokyo is also one of the greatest foodie cities in the world. As the city with the most Michelin-Star restaurants in the world with 226 restaurants, you’ll be eager to come visit as the tour takes you through the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine. But hold tight, because you don’t have to feast like a king to get great eats in Tokyo - you just need to ask a local for their best recommendations that fit an every-day budget. Join the tour to find out more!

The 0.5-1 hour tour highlights include:

  • History of Tokyo

  • Introduction to the food of Tokyo

  • Travel tips for Tokyo - a great way to prepare for when you can travel again!

Perks of a virtual tour:

Traveling and globetrotting no longer requires you to leave your home! Regardless of age, location, or abilities, virtual tours are bound to let your world expand. And interacting with locals adds an extra layer of memory to any adventure - that’s why a tour with Tokyo Localized is for you.

Book the Tokyo tour here.

Nina Cataldo is a Tokyo-based writer and Communication Specialist. A proud hafu (half-Japanese) and a Tokyo native, Nina grew up in the United States before returning to Japan. She is passionate about helping people tell their stories, with compassion and understanding from her bi-lingual and bicultural perspective.

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