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Hi,こんにちは。I’m Miyuki. I’m a national licensed tour guide.


I have done tours in Tokyo for more than 100 times. The Ueno-Asakusa area, the northeastern part of the central Tokyo, is my favorite place. I had lived there for about 13 years. I can guide you not only popular tourist spots such as Ueno Park and Senso-ji temple, but also small shrines and shops that only locals know. Japan has a lot of unique culture. I also love to help you experience it. Furoshiki wrapping cloth is one of interesting Japanese culture and you can easily enjoy it. I can tell you how to wrap an item with Furoshiki cloth and how to make a bag out of it. The cloth will be your memorable souvenir as well.


I was born and raised up at the foot of Mt. Fuji. I can recommend good places to see Mt. Fuji. Also, that means that I have experienced both urban life and country life. I can talk about Japanese customs while comparing ones in a city with ones in a countryside. It must be interesting for you.


I can do a tour for a solo traveler, a couple, a group and a family. I’m a mother of 2 elementary school children. I'd be glad to guide a family with young children. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you in my tour.



Furoshiki wrapping

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